Stainless Steel Shot
Stainless Steel Shot
Stainless Steel Shot
Stainless Steel Shot
Stainless Steel Shot

Stainless Steel Shot

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Price : INR 65 /kg - 100 /kg
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Material :
Cast Steel
Size :
0.1-2.5 mm
Shape :
Hardness :
45 to 55 HRC
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Product Description
Payment Terms
  • Surface finishing
  • Obtain profile pattern
  • Shot peening
  • Shot blasting
  • Grit removal
  • Pre treatment
  • Rust removal
  • Blast cleaning
  • Surface finishing
  • Obtain profile pattern
  • Shot peening
  • Shot blasting
  • Grit removal
  • Pre treatment
  • Rust removal
  • Blast cleaning
Color :
Bright Silver
Country :
Packing Type :
25 Kg HDPE Bag
Delivery Time :
5-7 Days
Minimum Order Quantity :
100 Kg

Stainless Steel Shot is commonly used in blasting operations for inner/outer surface cleaning of steel castings, CI castings, S.G. Iron castings, and forgings, to mention a few.

Stainless steel shot is used in many applications where non-rusting materials such as aluminum, zinc, brass, bronze, etc. are blasted. Stainless steel shots are of grain size which makes them perfect for cleaning, de-burring, hardening, and surface finishing of all types of castings, forgings, profiles, wire, and welded structural parts, without the possibility that rust could discolor the bright surface due to ferritic dust generated in the process. Stainless steel shot differentiates itself by having a high percentage of spherical grains and by its compact nature. This provides low consumption, high performance, and low machine wear as the end result. Stainless steel shot will provide a smoother surface than steel grit.

With the appearance of brightness, restlessness, and spherical beads, a round stainless steel shot is delicately drawn, chopped, and conditioned, among other processes (for cut wire shot, cylinders). They're commonly used in shot peening machine and shot blasting machine with copper, aluminum, zinc, and stainless steel work components, among other materials. Thus, after preparation, the work can demonstrate its metal color with sub-light effects and die casting restlessness.

Specifications of Stainless Steel Shots

Shape As Cut, Conditioned G1, G2, G3
Size 0.3-2.5 mm
Color Bright Silver
Application Automobile Industry
Material Stainless Steel
Packing Type 25 Kg HDPE Bag
Hardness 45- 50 HRc
Carbon 0.05minmum
Density 7.8kg /
Chromium 17 to 19 %
Grade SS304
Nickel 8%
Size/Dimension 0.1mm to 3mm
Minimum Order Quantity 100 Kg



Material Micro Structure Grade HRC Vicker
SS Shot Austenitic 304 48-53 480-560
`SS Shot Austenitic 302 48-53 48-53
SS Shot Austenitic 202 50-55 520-580
SS Shot Ferritic 430 38-43 380-430


Chemical Composition

Grade Carbon (Max) Manganese(MIN-Max) Chromium (Min-Max) Nickle Silicon(max) Phosphorous(max) Sulfur(max)
304 0.08 2 18-20 8 1 0.075 0.030
302 0.15 2 17-19 8 1 0.045 0.03
202   7-10 17-19 4 1    
430 0.03 1 16-18 Nil 1 0.04 0.03

Stainless Steel Shot & Grit Media

In the industry, stainless steel shot and grit are becoming increasingly popular. They have the same performance as normal steel shot and grit, except they are constructed of stainless steel. They have a higher nickel and chromium content, making them a good alternative for ferrous contamination of a surface.

Stainless steel grit and stainless steel shot are available in a range of hardnesses and sizes.

Both media have a very high bulk density, which must be considered in relation to the equipment being used. To work well with either of these items, suitably equipped equipment must be chosen.

Application of Stainless Steel shots

  • Blasting; pressure casting cleaning; fettling of magnesium, zinc, aluminum, and copper alloy castings; stainless steel casting cleaning; stainless steel plate cleaning; stainless steel products cleaning.
  • Surface deburring and lighting of colored components can increase the fatigue resistance, anti-corrosion qualities, and mask casting surface defects, as well as improve the product's appearance.
  • Shot blasting; derusting casting; derusting forgings; rust removal from steel plates; rust removal from steel products
  • Intensify: Stainless steel intensifies; heat-treated items intensify on the surface.
  • Blasting: Cast blasting of magnesium alloys, zinc alloys, aluminum alloys, and copper alloys, as well as stainless steel products.

stainless steel shot

Benefits of Stainless Steel Shots

  • High Durability – Greater durability than softer materials such as glass or organic blasting media
  • Round shape – Produces a smooth, clean surface
  • Environmentally Friendly – More environmentally friendly than non-reusable blasting media
  • Cost-Efficient – Stainless steel shot can be reused to reduce blasting costs
  • Low Dust – Steel’s higher level of hardness over media such as glass means it produces less dust
  • Reusable – Reduce your cost and environmental impact by reusing your stainless steel shot. Stainless steel shot is a more eco-friendly option than other media that produces more dust.

Stainless Steel Shot Manufacturer in India

Abrasives Shots is the leading manufacturer of stainless steel shots for sale at a low price in India. We also provide steel grit, garnet sand, quartz shot, aluminum oxide, glass beads, etc for the sand blasting machine. Our wide & large range of products and are checked on various parameters, such as density, physical and chemical properties, microstructure, hardness, and durability. We are focused on our quality products and customer satisfaction.

To enable us to quote for your requirement, kindly give us the following info –

1.      Particle size required (You may choose from above or give your own range).

2.      Packing required.

3.      Quantity required with the delivery schedule.

4.      Destination port.

5.      Discharge rate at the destination, if in break-bulk.

6.      Any other point which may impact the quote.

We can also offer ungraded material for shipments in bulk in any quantities as desired by our buyers on FOB or CNF FO basis terms.

Delivery Time 3-5 Days
Production Capacity Unlimited
Packaging Details 25 Kg HDPE Bag
Payment Terms T/T (Bank Transfer)

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