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Abrasive shots, grits | Glass Beads

Abrasive shots are shots used for cleaning, smoothening, peening, stripping, shaping and improving a metal surface in the blasting and shot peening machines.

Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum Oxide Grit is manufactured in specification with the industry’s set quality parameters using good and high-quality metals and the latest machinery.

Copper Slag

Abrasive shots Copper Slag is an aggressive abrasive frequently used in new steel and steel maintenance applications.

Steel Shots

Steel shot is spherical metallic abrasive media produced by the molten steel by means of atomizing process.

Cut Wire Shots

Cut Wire Shot is cylindrical or spherical in shape. Cut Wire Shot is made from high quality wire which is cut to a length about equal to its diameter.

Introduction of Quartz Sand

Quartz Sand is harder than the majority of other natural materials due to its great hardness, which rates seven on the Mohs Scale.

Tips On How to Choose Best Steel Shots

Steel shot is a versatile abrasive material used in various industries for surface preparation, cleaning, and finishing. Choosing the right steel shot for your specific application is critical for achieving optimal results.

An Overview Of The Manufacturing Process Of Steel Shots

Steel shot is a commonly used abrasive in various industries for surface preparation and shot peening. It is made through a complex manufacturing process that involves melting, atomizing, and heat treatment.

How to Choose the Right Shot Blasting Machine for Your Surface Preparation Needs

Surface preparation is a crucial step in many industries, including automotive, construction, and manufacturing. Shot blasting machines are widely used for surface preparation as they offer several advantages over other methods such as sandblasting and chemical cleaning.

Benefits of Using Steel Shots for Industrial Applications

Steel shot is abrasive media which has various industrial applications and uses like shot blasting.