Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum Oxide Grit is manufactured in specification with the industry’s set quality parameters using good and high-quality metals and the latest machinery. These grits are used for polishing as abrasives and in ceramic industries. Even these grits are also used in the medical field (in hip replacement surgery) and photography works. Aluminum oxides are fast and effective for removing rust, mill scale, paint, carbon deposits, and other deposits on metal surfaces.  Aluminum oxide Grit can remove deposits from our substrate or blasting surface at twice the speed as sand, without all the health risks involved in the process like in sand blasting machine.  Aluminum Oxide Grit manufacturer is great for antiski (designed to increase friction on the surface, and thereby reduce the possibility of slipping), antislip (slip-free) flooring coatings, and as an addition for epoxy floor systems.  

When utilized as abrasive shot media, the Aluminum oxide is virgin fused abrasive (brown or white) which has to be crushed and sized from certified crude bauxite for industrial use. Aluminum Oxide grit price is a tough and long-lasting abrasive blasting media that can be used several times through the recycling process and it is known to be cost-effective in the blasting process due to recyclability, which provides us the benefit of not purchasing extra blasting media. Due to its chemical properties and characteristics, it has the ability to provide a deep anchor pattern or etch in applications when surface preparation is critical or difficult, such as surface profiling for subsequent protective coatings. It is of high density and angular sharpness which makes it a versatile blasting media type; used in both wet and dry blasting processes.

Applications of aluminum oxide grit are as follows:

  • Used in sand blasting machines to clean, smooth, deburr or etch the blasting surface for surface preparation.
  • Used before painting or coating to remove loose particles from the surface/object.
  • Due to its aggressive nature, Aluminum Oxide grit is a common blasting media used on metal, glass, wood, and other materials for providing a smooth surface.
  • Used as refractory material because of the high melting point of aluminum oxide grit.
  • Used in ceramic, polishing applications of surfaces.
  • Lighting and photography work to enhance the light effect in photographs.
  • As a hip replacement in the medical industry aluminum oxide is used.

There are mainly three categories of aluminum oxide grit available on the basis of their colors:

  1. White Aluminum Oxide Grit 
  2. Brown Aluminum Oxide Grit
  3. Black Aluminum Oxide Grit

White Aluminum Oxide

White aluminum oxide grit is friable (How easily/quickly an abrasive media smash/shatter on impact and breaks down which will result in low dust formation.  This is different from Hardness Rating. Sand blasting media can have the same hardness rating, but completely different Friability Ratings. Friability is similar to durability); medium density abrasive also available in a wide range of grains such as coarse, medium, fine, and powder. White aluminium oxide grit price are used where high purity and high friability abrasive is specified.

These grits are known for their hardness, bulk density, and perfect finish.

Features of white aluminum oxide are as follows:

  • Premium quality aluminum oxide grit manufacturer.
  • The purity of aluminum oxide grit.
  • Chemical stability and characteristics of aluminum oxide grit.

The application of white aluminum oxide is as follows:

  • Paint: Aluminum oxide grit is used before painting objects/surfaces for removing dust, rust, corrosion, etc. from the blasting surface such as in the automotive.

Brown Aluminum Oxide

Brown Aluminum Oxide manufacturer uses high-grade aluminum and advanced techniques. It is tested on various parameters at our vendors' end ensuring its quality.

Due to its high toughness, brown fused aluminum oxides are recommended for utilization in bonded abrasives such as grinding wheels and cutoff wheels, coated abrasives (paper & cloth), sand blasting abrasive media, as well as refractory applications. 

It can be recycled multiple times and is cost-effective. Brown aluminum oxide media has a low friability, so it will NOT break down and shatter on impact easily.  (NOTE:  White Aluminium Oxide uses a high friability rating and breaks down rapidly.  Brown Aluminum oxide grit price is a nice balance between the two with a medium friability, and  Aluminum oxide grit is a low price point, thus often used by powder coating companies)

Aluminum Oxide grit is a low-iron content abrasive media that will not leave any rust on the blasting surface of our object/ surface. Rust deposits can often cause problems in coming future processes.Features of brown aluminum oxide grit are as follows:

  • Premium quality.
  • Purity.
  • Chemical stability and characteristics.

Applications of brown aluminum oxide are as follows:

  • Sand blasting - works great on metal for cleaning and smoothening of surface.  
  • Anti Skid Flooring.Also available in white if pigmentation, if an issue with colored epoxy.
  • Surface Preparation when there are loose particles present on them.
  • Etching, is the carving of metal, stone, wood, or another material surface.
  • Used in coating any object or surface.
  • Monument blasting because monuments are built from metals that get in contact with air and water, and get damaged so to clean the monument aluminum oxide grit are used as blasting media.
  • Non-Slip Grit for Epoxy floorings.

Black Aluminum Oxide

Black aluminum oxide grit manufacturer is a grating that is one among the hardest minerals accessible. Black aluminum oxide is framed through the electrofusion of bauxite, iron oxide, and miniature components during a shifting circular segment heater. Black Aluminum oxide grit manufacturer unsolvable in water. Its most consistently happening translucent structure, is named corundum or α-aluminum oxide. Its hardness makes it appropriate to be utilized as a grating and as a part of cutting instruments. Black Aluminium oxide is headed for the obstruction of metallic aluminum to enduring. It is regularly delivered in such a size from grains to miniature powders and is one among the principal conservative media accessible for a decent assortment of dry and wet handling applications.

Applications of Black Aluminum Oxide:

  •  Water jet cutting.
  •  Sand blasting/blast cleaning.
  •  Denim blasting.
  • Grinding and polishing of stainless steel.
  • Optical glass, bamboo, or other materials.
  • For polishing various spare parts: bicycles, glass products, sewing-machine, hard metal tools, medical apparatus, timepieces, and stone grinding.
  • For making abrasive tools: Fiber-reinforced for cutting wheels, grinding wheels, sand cloth, paper, and paste.

Aluminum oxide grit size

These are Approximations only which may differ from customers need and requirements.  Approximations are based on using a pressure blasting machine.  Anchor patterns will vary accordingly based on other variables such as hardness & type of steel, level of corrosion being removed, blasting angle, blasting distance from the steel, etc.

  • 1 mil profile = 100 grit Al2O3
  • 1.5 mil profile = 50 grit Al2O3
  • 2 mil profile = 36 grit Al2O3
  • 2.5 mil profile = 24 grit Al2O3
  • 3 mil profile = 16 grit Al2O3
  • 4 mil profile = 12 - 16 grit Al2O3

Grit Sizes:  A very simple and non-technical way of understanding coarse grit sizes is to use a 1/2" (a half-inch) mesh square as an eg.  A 50 grit will have 50 tiny holes in that 1/2" square and thus particles are 1/50th of a half-inch or finer than that.  A 10 grit will have particles of 1/10th inch, and so on.

Aluminum Oxide Grit Manufacturer in India

 We are the leading Aluminum Oxide Grit Manufacturer in India. We offer an abrasive shot, Steel Shot, SS Shot, Steel Grit, Garnet sand, Quartz shot, Aluminium oxide, glass beads blasting for stainless steel, etc, and a qualitative range of industrial steel abrasive products. Aluminum Oxide grit price is cost-efficient.

To enable us to quote for your requirement, kindly give us the following info –

  1. Particle size required (You may choose from above or give your own range).
  2. Packing required.
  3. Quantity required with the delivery schedule.
  4. Destination port.
  5. Payment terms.
  6. Discharge rate at the destination, if in break-bulk.
  7. Any other point which may impact the quote.

We can also offer ungraded material for shipments in bulk in any quantities as desired by our buyers on FOB or CNF FO basis terms.